Children’s Room in the Country

Children’s Room in the Country

Young children are happy to follow their parents wherever they go.

It does not matter whether it is a trip to the sea, a Saturday outing to nature, a trip to the store for shopping or a short vacation in the country – the most important thing is that the parents are there.

However, children grow quickly and already at the age of 5-7-8 they begin to resist trips to the country and appreciate the comfort and convenience of staying at home. As children grow more and more often from them you can hear refusals from summer vacation.

What can be done in this situation? How to make a little daughter or son try to go to the country with his parents?

The answer to the question suggests itself – you need to equip the child’s own room. What design of a children’s room for a girl in the country to choose? Firstly, the room should be safe so that you can be completely calm in the fact that the child will not fall anywhere, will not flood anything over himself, etc. Secondly, the room should be functional, as country houses most often cannot boast a large quadrature.

The arrangement of a children’s room in the country for a girl is a very exciting and creative process. They need to connect their own imagination and their skillful hands to the work because doing it for children with their own hands is so nice! Parents will have to think about many things and solve many problems: prepare the room itself for transformation, choose materials, choose furniture and necessary accessories.

Choosing which room the nursery will be equipped with, the first thing you need to do is to remove everything superfluous from it, remove old things and furniture. If necessary, replace the wallpaper and flooring, paint the window. The main criteria for choosing materials are quality and safety.

It is best if it is environmentally friendly paper wallpaper, “breathing” water-dispersion paints, warm wooden floors or soft cork.

Now you need to evaluate the space and mentally divide it into three main areas: activities, games, and recreation. Undoubtedly, during the summer holidays, the child will spend most of the time outdoors, but in case of bad weather and the cold season, he should have a place for playing with dolls in the house.

When arranging a room for a girl in a country house, it is not at all necessary to purchase a full furniture set. A comfortable bed, a chest of drawers for things and a desk with a chair will be quite enough. You can also make a convenient rack for small things, and an excellent box for dolls and other toys will come out of the old suitcase. Windows can be decorated with hand-sewn curtains from the remains of patchwork-style fabrics. You can also decorate the bed with a beautiful plaid knitted from woolen threads.

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