Country Air Conditioner

Country Air Conditioner

On hot summer days, many summer residents put off their usual work for the evening and hide in the house so as not to get a heat stroke.

However, under the scorching sun, the roof of the building, and with it, the house, is also very hot. The cottage air conditioner will help to cool the living room, which can easily cope with the high air temperature on hot days.

There is a certain group of air conditioners designed for installation in the country.

This is a group of domestic air conditioners that quickly reduce the temperature in a living room, cooling or replacing the air in it, moisturize it and regulate the microclimate.

The group of domestic air conditioners consists of such varieties of these devices as:

  • wall-mounted split systems;
  • multi-split systems;
  • window air conditioners;
  • mobile devices.

Among these devices, there are models capable of serving rooms ranging from 10 to 100 sq.m.

They can also produce various power – from 1, 5 to 8 kW, and differ in practicality and quality of service.

Most often, summer residents for their suburban housing buy wall split systems.

Installation of such a device will take only a few hours, but it is advisable to entrust such work to professionals since improper handling of the system can cause malfunctions in its operation.

Wall-mounted air conditioners can be installed in any room, but the air conditioner should be located closer to the window and higher to the ceiling. Suitable wall split systems for rooms with an area of ​​60-70 sq.m.

If there are several rooms in the country house, experts recommend installing a multi-split system. Such a system consists of several independent units that can be installed in different rooms of a country house. However, this type of air conditioner only cools the air, they do not work in terms of ventilation.

Many summer residents consider mobile air conditioning the most convenient because it can be installed in any room in the country house, and if necessary, taken with you. When choosing this type of device, it is necessary to install an air duct through which warm air leaves the cooled room.

For small rooms, window air conditioners are considered effective, although they have long been outdated. Such air conditioners provide not only a decrease in temperature but also ventilation, however, they are characterized by low power and high noise during operation.

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