Diy Shower in the Country

Diy Shower in the Country

Building a shower in the country is not an easy task that will require you to have the skills of a carpenter, plumber, and finisher. If you are a skilled worker, then building a warm shower in the country will not be any problem for you.

As one of the possible options, you can consider installing a shower in a regular bath. To do this, you will need a small room (shower), a cold water tank and a hot water heater (or a flat and wide tank for heating water using solar heat, installed directly on the roof of the shower cabin), hot and cold water pipes, bathtub, shower hose with watering can and faucet.

What is the plus of a shower device in an enamel bath? You will always have the choice to take a bath or rinse your shower quickly. Undoubtedly, using a shower will be much more economical to fill a bath with water, you will need about 200 liters of water, while 10 minutes in a shower will cost you about 100 liters of water.

Do not forget that taking a shower in the country with your own hands is still a rather difficult task, which will require skill, patience, about one to two weeks’ time, as well as gloves and safety glasses.

To make an outdoor shower for a summer residence, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • universal wrench;
  • screwdrivers;
  • cross-linked polyethylene pipes;
  • sewer pipes;
  • fittings
  • tees
  • saw;
  • hammer and nails;
  • protective lining;
  • moisture resistant gypsum board or gypsum board lining;
  • reinforcing tape;
  • joint sealant (for pipe joints);
  • large spatula;
  • stationery knife or jigsaw for cutting drywall;
  • adjustable wrench;
  • roulette;
  • pencil.

So, We Are Building a Summer Shower for a Summer Residence

The construction of a summer shower for a summer residence begins with planning. First you need to determine the location for the future soul, it is preferable to choose a sunny place on a hill. The reason is very simple, to facilitate the drainage of water into the septic tank and provide better heating of the water tank for hot water.

The walls of the water tank should be painted black. If you plan to use the shower in cloudy weather, you will need to provide for the installation of an electric heater or a wood stove with a heating tank.

It is better to arrange a septic tank at some distance from the shower, and if you plan to pump out using special equipment, then it would be nice to provide a convenient entrance to the septic tank. You can strengthen the walls of the septic tank with a brick, having used your old tires from KAMAZ, or pour concrete walls. The bottom of the septic tank does not need to be closed with anything, the water will slowly go into the ground.

You have already chosen a place for a shower and a septic tank, now you need to decide on a shower. How do you see a summer shower for a summer residence – wooden, brick, frame or a temporary option for the season (wooden frame covered with a film)? A more capital structure will require more capital investments and a foundation. And if we are considering the proposed version of the shower device in the bath, the bath will act as a replacement for the pallet, then you can consider the option of a wooden, brick or frame structure.

So, you have decided on the type of construction, dug a septic tank, laid sewer pipes to the septic tank, and conducted pipes from the tank with hot and cold water into the booth; Now you can begin to equip the soul.

Sheathe the walls with moisture-proof drywall, install a bath, connect it to the sewer pipe. Walls can be finished with plastic panels or inexpensive tiles.

Connect hot and cold water taps and a shower hose with a watering can to the plastic pipes.

On the opposite wall of the shower cubicle (with respect to the bathtub), attach several hooks for clothes and towels.

Put a wooden grate on the floor of the summer shower.

It is advisable that a concrete or brick path leads from the shower cabin to the summer house so that you can use the shower in any weather.

So, you should no longer be interested in the question of how to make a shower in the country, you have already received an approximate idea of ​​how this is done, the further fate and how it will look and what it will be built of will depend only on you!

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