Diy Wooden Shower: Installation Technology 2

Diy Wooden Shower: Installation Technology 2

How to Make the Foundation of a Wooden Shower for a DIY House

To build a wooden summer shower with your own hands does not require a special foundation. Installation technology implies strict adherence to the strict verticality of the frame racks and a strong connection to the harnesses. At the same time, the supports should rest tightly on the pads. Compliance with these rules is mandatory since a heavy water tank will be installed at the top. After determining the dimensions, it is necessary to make markings, indicating a rectangle on the ground with dimensions of 170 X 110 cm or 190 x 140 cm. The height of the summer cottage shower can be 2.5-3 m. With a small footprint, it will not be stable enough. To avoid overturning the structure, it is recommended to equip a pile or column foundation. It is easy to build, but it can reliably hold a shower in the wind and other loads since a 200-liter water tank has considerable weight. As the material for the foundation, you can use metal poles, metal or asbestos-cement pipes with a diameter of 90-100 mm and a length of 1.5-2 m. After that, four wells with a depth of 1-1.5 m must be drilled in the earth at the corners of the soul. insert pipes or poles so that each of them rises above the ground by at least 30-50 cm. Then, at the corners of the foundation from the pillars, lay a hewn beam with a cross-section of 100 X 100 mm.

Bandaging of pillars during the construction of a wooden summer shower for a summer house can be done in the form of a closed harness, starting from the top.

This foundation design is a rigid frame. It is more convenient to collect it on the ground, and then fasten it with long bolts.

The structural strength is ensured by the coincidence of all axes. In addition, fastening should be done using long bolts. In this case, it will be possible to install a water barrel with a volume of about 200 liters on the roof of the shower. The shower cabin is considered the most stable if there are six foundation pillars under it. Under the columnar foundation, dig six holes with dimensions of 20 X 20 or 30 X 30 cm and a depth of 40-50 cm. Dimensions and depth depend on the structure of the soil. Pits must be filled with cement-sand mortar mixed with pebbles or gravel.

Places for a shower frame are ready. The do-it-yourself base of the wooden shower frame to the cottage should be made waterproof, with a slope to the drain, which is connected to the drainage system for used water. Between the pits, it is necessary to remove the upper layer of soil to a depth of 20 cm, and on the edges of the formed pit, it is necessary to strengthen the formwork from boards or plywood.

The recess under the shower can be covered with roofing material or PVC film, but it is better to concrete it, forming a kind of waterproof pan, so that there is no siltation of the earth under the country shower. After this, the bottom of the pit should be covered with sand, spilled with water, rammed, and then poured with a solution so that the platform rises 10 cm above the ground and captures places under the foundation.

From the sump, which has a slight slope, the water will go into the gutter, so the slope must also have a drainage channel. The drainage of water from the summer shower must be arranged in a special gutter (septic tank) located on the site or outside it. Water should be discharged through a pipe laid in a trench with a certain slope towards the sewage pit.

Under the wooden shower, with your own hands, you can arrange a strip foundation up to 30 cm deep without a monolithic concrete platform. In order to give the future design the correct geometric shape, it is necessary to check the equality of the diagonals of the foundation using a rope or a thick fishing line. After that, you can proceed to the excavation of the trench 30 cm X 30 cm. The foundation should be poured with concrete mortar prepared from 1 part cement, 3 parts pure sand and 5 parts fine gravel (5-20 mm).

Sand must be carefully sieved before preparing the solution. The solution must be poured into the dug trench. When it completely hardens, with the help of a level, check the horizontal position of the foundation.

If any irregularities exist, they must be leveled using a cement-sand mortar. If you intend to use the shower constantly, then under the foundation it is necessary to fill in the concrete platform or lay it out of brick in the form of a rectangle. Concreting of the foundation site should be done with a slope towards the sewer pipe and put a wooden grate on top.

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