Diy Wooden Shower: Installation Technology 3

Diy Wooden Shower: Installation Technology 3

How to Make the Walls of a Wooden Shower Cabin for a Summer House

When erecting the walls of a wooden shower cabin with your own hands, it should be borne in mind that with increased humidity, wood can begin to rot, so it should be treated with special anti-rot agents. It has a number of advantages: it is an environmentally friendly, externally attractive and quite durable material.

If it is not possible to make the entire cabin out of wood, then you can use wood to erect supporting pillars. The remaining parts will be easier to attach to wooden poles than to metal pipes. The erection of the walls of the shower cubicle should begin with the installation of a rigid frame.

For a slate frame, you will need four cast-iron pipes, but any other material available can be used. For pipes in a concrete or brick foundation, prepare holes, insert pipes there and concrete them for strength. When the cement mortar is completely dry, you need to proceed to the installation of slate sheets. For such a booth, three slate sheets will be required. They should be attached on three sides directly to the prepared frame.

The door will be located on the fourth side. The frame for the cabin can be made of metal corners. Its two elements are the lower and upper “circles” made of metal corners. For them, you can use angles of 30 x 30 mm.

The third element of the frame is the connecting “circles”: pieces of metal reinforcement with a diameter of 12 mm and the required length. For greater structural strength, the lower “circle” of the frame should be concreted into the base. It is recommended to supplement the vertical reinforcement with several wooden bars so that it is easier to fix the material used for covering the cabin.

Pillars for a shower made of wood with your own hands are best sheathed on both sides with a wooden lining. Such walls will reliably protect the building not only from the cold but also from the heat. Since the frame pillars are usually located at a distance of about 1 m, it is not necessary to erect an intermediate frame.

Horizontal slats can be fixed directly to corner posts. For these purposes, slate, sheet asbestos cement or other materials should be used. Plastic and metal are allowed, but not recommended.

For the installation of the simplest version of the shower cabin of a summer shower, you will need boards and bars for the construction of the room, as well as brick and cement for laying the foundation.

After marking and preparing the base, the bars with brackets and anchors should be attached to the foundation, then sheathed with boards or lining. On the perimeter, the bars must be connected in three places.

When erecting a shower cabin made of wood with your own hands, it is recommended to choose a bar 100 x 100 mm for the frame structure.

After carrying out work on laying the foundation and external piping, it is necessary to make a dressing inside the frame, which will serve as lags for the shower floor. Between adjacent posts, rigid elements (slopes) must be made, which must be installed in the thickness of the wall itself. Most often, the walls of the summer shower are arranged in the form of shields from planed to a quarter board.

The construction of a summer wooden shower must be approached thoroughly. To give the entire structure the necessary stability, it is necessary to concrete the base of the bars or dig them into the ground. Before this, they should be ground or greased with machine oil. In addition, they can be wrapped with roofing material. This is done in order to prevent the rotting of the tree in the ground. The supporting posts from above should be interconnected by dressing from the same beam. This will give strength to the entire structure, which can withstand weight up to 200 kg. After this, you can proceed to the lower dressing, which will become the basis for the floor of the shower.

The walls should be upholstered with wooden boards, pre-treated with drying oil, which will prevent wood decay. It is recommended to insulate the walls using polystyrene or one of the modern foam PVC insulation materials.

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