Diy Wooden Shower: Installation Technology 4

Diy Wooden Shower: Installation Technology 4

Wooden Shower to the Cottage With Your Own Hands: Floor, Roof, and Door Devices

Device floor. It is recommended that the floor in the wooden shower cabin be made of boards, nailing them at small intervals to drain the water. It is best to build a floor in the form of a shield of boards with a thickness of 30-40 mm on a frame of bars with a section of 60 x 80 mm.

In the shower compartment of the booth, you can cover the floor with a whole linoleum canvas without a base. To do this, it is enough to fix it along the contour with the help of a plinth, and in the middle make a drain hole with a diameter of 20-25 mm. A funnel should be inserted into the hole, and a garden rubber hose should be connected to it to drain the water.

It is recommended that the floor in the main shower stall be completely closed, with a tray in which you need to insert a small funnel to drain the water. You can take it away from the shower using ceramic or plastic trays. Often they also perform floor insulation.

Roof devise. The roof of the wooden summer shower should be covered by a solid wooden crate of boards with a thickness of 20-25 mm with an overhang around the perimeter of 200-250 mm. It can be covered with roofing material or any other roofing material.

It is necessary to install a water tank on the roof, which, for faster heating, is preferably painted black.

The volume of the tank can vary from 50 to 200 liters. It’s easier and cheaper to install a plastic tank. If its upper side is open, then it should be covered with a net or other material so that leaves do not get into the water and the crane is not clogged.

For faster heating of water over the tank, it is recommended to create a shelter from the film in the form of a greenhouse.

In addition, it is possible to lay reflective material on the roof (for example, foil), which will also contribute to faster heating of water.

It is possible to connect a wood-burning water heater to the tank, which can be used in cold and cloudy weather. Water will flow into the column tank using a hose and pump.

Door mounting. It is recommended that the door to the summer shower stall be made continuous from a quarter of 20-25 mm thick planed boards. From the inside and outside, latches should be installed on it.

The door should be made with a tight overlap, with two contours of sealing tapes.

After the design of the wooden country shower is ready, all its parts should be carefully treated again with a protective layer.

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