Diy Wooden Shower: Installation Technology

Diy Wooden Shower: Installation Technology

So, you decided to equip a wooden shower with your own hands in the country – where do you need to start? Of course, with a choice of location for a shower and design. The next step will be the construction of the foundation.

After that, they proceed to the construction of walls. When this stage is behind, you can deal with the device of the floor, roof and door installation. Well, now about each of these stages in more detail.

The Choice of a Place for a Summer Shower Cabin Made of Wood With Your Own Hands

Before you make a wooden shower with your own hands, you need to carefully approach the choice of a place for it. If the heating of water in the tank for the shower will occur only from the sun, then the place for the cottage shower should be only on the sunny side.

The water tank should be located under the influence of sunlight as long as possible during the day, especially in the morning. In this case, the water will warm up to a comfortable temperature. It is desirable that the sun illuminates the shower. In addition, it should be positioned so that it is not blown by the winds.

Also, before making a shower out of wood, the place where it will be built must be equipped with a water supply and drainage system.

For the normal operation of the summer shower, high-quality drainage and quick disposal of wastewater are required. When the garden shower is located in an elevated place, a good outflow of water is naturally ensured. In the heat, the load on the summer shower increases significantly.

It is necessary to take into account the possibility of not only supplying clean water but also the device of a concrete receiving well for drains. To do this, a drain pit with a volume of about 2 m should be equipped. If a small flow of water is required for a summer shower, then you can not make a drainage system. After bathing, water will be absorbed by itself, even if there is waterproof clay in the area under the soil layer.

If the family consists of 2-3 people, then a few tens of liters of warm water is enough to take a shower. For 4 people or more, the amount of water needed to take a shower increases to several hundred liters.

If you are doing a wooden shower with additional heating yourself, you must position it away from the apartment building.

When arranging a summer shower, remember the nature and properties of groundwater. If the garden has sandy soil, then in the depths it is usually lined with clay rock. Then the used water from the shower can easily seep into the soil to the clay layer, and already through it it will fall into the aquifer or into the local reservoir. In this case, there is a danger of effluent entering the well water.

How to Make a Shower of Wood: Design

Before you make a wooden shower, you need to draw up his project. To do this, you need to determine the size of the future design. For a good pressure of the jets, it is necessary to place the container with water at a height of 2.5 m. The convenience of the cabin is of great importance so that you can comfortably wash in the shower at any time. If the dimensions of the booth are at least 2 X 1.5 m, then inside it you can place a clothes hanger, a shelf for soap, etc.

When arranging a summer shower made of wood with your own hands, remember that the dimensions of the interior space in the booth should be at least 100 x 100 cm, so that you can freely raise your hands up or bend down without bumping into walls.

The cabin must have a shower compartment and a locker room protected from water, the width of which is usually not less than 60 cm, therefore the interior of the cabin for the summer shower cannot be less than 160 X 100 cm. It is advisable to design the structure 190 X 140 cm. These parameters should be added even the wall thickness, resulting in 200 X 150 cm.

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