How to Build a Woodcutter in the Country

How to Build a Woodcutter in the Country

Do-it-yourself wood burning is one of the easiest jobs that any owner can do independently. It can be attached to an existing outbuilding or can be designed as a separate building. If the woodcutter at the dacha is also decorated with his own hands, then you will get a structure that organically fits into the general landscape of the personal plot. Here you will store firewood and woodchips for a fireplace or barbecue.

How to build a woodcutter with your own hands and successfully place it on the territory, you will learn on this page.

Placement of a Woodcutter on a Site

If your country house has a stove, and on the plot, there is a barbecue or barbecue, then you definitely need a woodcutter – a special room for storing firewood. The size of the woodcutter will depend on the required amount of firewood.

Placing a woodcutter on a site should be rational in terms of proximity to the house, while the firewood should be easy to take and stack. Therefore, in the far corner of the garden to build it is not worth it. You can attach it to the hozblok. If possible, it should be located so that a car with firewood can drive up to it, and accordingly, a platform for unloading firewood should be provided next to it. But if this is not possible, then there should be a short way along which you will bring the brought firewood, and it should be possible to drive a car.

The best option is to attach a woodcutter to an existing beautiful building in the garden. If a woodcutter is needed only on a barbecue, it is logical to install it on a barbecue area, and style it depending on the design of this area: as a “fairy house”, as a “mini-castle”, as a modern “art object”, etc. You can even overlay a small wooden woodcutter with brick or stone.

As you can see in the photo, wood burners are traditionally built of wood. But a woodcutter is not a barn. You can, of course, store firewood in a room built like an ordinary shed, or even under a canopy. But by and large, special conditions are needed to store firewood. If you take no more than 3 cubic meters of firewood, then for them you can build a room using traditional technology, with solid walls. But if you have a stove and you immediately get a large amount of firewood, then the woodcutter needs to be equipped according to all the rules. Then the walls of the woodcutter in the country are made using a special technology: they must be at intervals – for drying firewood. If the walls are solid or at least one wall is not wooden, and there is a lot of firewood, then they will not dry well even in summer.

How to Build a Woodcutter at the Cottage for 9 Cubic Meters of Firewood

The following are recommendations on how to build a woodcutter in the country, designed for 9 cubic meters of firewood:

  1. The woodcutter must be mounted on brick columns or on pipes, under which the foundation is poured to the depth of freezing. If the structure is small, 4 columns are sufficient.
  2. It is necessary to make a frame from a thick beam of about 15 x 20 cm in size, on which a wooden flooring will subsequently be mounted.
  3. The beam is treated with fire-retardant treatment, it must be allowed to dry for at least an hour.
  4. The bar is isolated by the roofing material.
  5. Now, on the insulated frame, the flooring itself is mounted directly from the boards.
  6. After this, the frame of the walls of the woodcutter is mounted from the beam and the rafters for the roof are stuffed.
  7. The walls of the Woodburner are made of them from bars measuring 50 x 50 mm. We fill them on the frame of the walls with an interval of 3 cm between the bars. This is necessary so that the firewood is well ventilated.
  8. A pitched roof is made from corrugated board.
  9. For the doorway, racks of timber are set to the size of the future door, they are mounted on the floor of the woodcutter. A wooden door is installed.

How to Make a Woodcutter in the Country Yourself

Before you make a woodcutter, think about whether it will be on public display or disguised. If your woodcutter is not hidden behind any building, it should be neat. You can decorate it a bit.

The most natural way is with firewood. It is enough to lay a decorative woodpile along its wall or make small niches in the wall and lay them with the most beautiful logs.

In addition, just like a garden shed, it can be styled “like a house”. On the walls, you can also attach wood saw cuts, either arbitrarily, or make up some kind of pattern from them.

On lattice walls, it will look great. It will look like the original screen.

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