How to Turn a Country House Into a Cottage With a Terrace

How to Turn a Country House Into a Cottage With a Terrace

The extension of the terrace can change not only the appearance of the country house but also its size. An additional room in the fresh air will serve as a wonderful vacation spot for the whole family and for a good time with friends. The terrace is a great opportunity to get even closer to nature.

Very often it is the terrace that serves as the pride of the owners. The presence of a terrace will make the appearance of an ordinary country house even more complete. That is why, before the start of construction, a terrace is also added to the project. But even if the cottage is ready and you do not want to rebuild it, there are several ways to turn a country house into a cottage with a terrace.

The veranda, patio, and terrace are often confused. To see the difference, pay attention to the typical design of a cottage with a terrace. The most important difference is the construction of the structure on elevated ground. In addition, the terrace almost always has clear boundaries that are framed by a side railing. It’s not very difficult to arrange a cottage with your own hands and if you take into account all the advice of specialists, then in the next summer season you can enjoy a wonderful vacation on a cozy terrace.

If you are just starting the construction of your summer house, it is best to immediately include the terrace in the project. Both the house and the extension are made on a common foundation, and it is desirable to also make the roof a single one. Since the terrace is an easy construction, the foundation for the construction is not required.

In order to have access to the terrace both from the house and from the site, it will be very important to determine its location and the presence of an additional entrance. Many hostesses like the exit to the terrace from the kitchen or living room.

When choosing a place, you should carefully study the features of your site and take into account the cardinal points. If you live in an average climatic zone, then it will be undesirable to build a terrace on the north side. It is best to opt for the south side. To protect yourself from the summer heat and sunlight, it can be darkened with the help of climbing plants: ivy or grapes.

If you live in the south, then for you the best location of the terrace is the north side.

Try to orient the terrace towards the garden, and not towards the street or neighbors – remember that there you are going to relax and enjoy peace and quiet.

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