Mini greenhouse – seedlings in a safe place

Mini greenhouse – seedlings in a safe place

In the first days of its life, the seeds of a plant need especially careful and nurturing care. At an early stage of development in every living organism, all life support systems are rather fragile and sensitive to external influences. Lack of light, heat, moisture can have a detrimental effect on the life of a young sprout. In order to protect the plant during this difficult period for it, it is worth taking advantage of the benefits of mini-greenhouses. Choose carbon filter for grow room.

A greenhouse is a closed, isolated system in which seeds are germinated or seedlings are planted. A special microclimate is formed inside the greenhouse, which is characterized by a certain level of humidity and temperature. Due to the fact that stable conditions are constantly maintained in it, the plant experiences a minimum amount of stress and therefore the seed germinates faster, the sprout takes root better and no external influences interfere with its development.

Mini greenhouses can be placed:

  1. In the apartment.
  2. On the balcony.
  3. In the country.

Today there are a huge number of different types of mini-greenhouses. Each of them has its own characteristics that allow them to be used in certain conditions. Let’s talk about this in more detail.
Boxes for growing seedlings with a sealed transparent lid
Such a mini-greenhouse is perfect for growing seedlings, as it has high insulating properties. It consists of a waterproof box with a transparent lid on top. As a result, water is completely available to the plant for nutrition and growth. In a young shoot, the root system is poorly developed, so the plant receives a considerable part of the moisture through the leaves. However, in order to prevent the process of decay, such a greenhouse is equipped with closing ventilation holes.

Seedling cassettes

Consists of a tray in which excess moisture collects, cells for sprouts and a transparent cover. Such a greenhouse is intended for germinating seeds and obtaining seedlings before planting in open ground. Its cells have a small volume (about 150 ml). Therefore, adult plants are not grown in cassettes. This greenhouse has a huge advantage – when the seedlings are planted in the garden, all its contents are taken out of the cell. Thanks to this, the fragile root system is not disturbed.

Micro farm EasyGreen

One of the types of mini greenhouses for the home is designed for germinating grain. It has two parts. Wheat, buckwheat or any other grains are poured into the top and closed with a lid. And water is poured into the bottom. This system is connected to electricity. The micro-farm is equipped with a device that converts water into mist, which gives moisture to the grain sprouts. Proponents of healthy eating are eager to buy microfarm because they know how rich in vitamins and microelements sprouted grains are.

Mini greenhouse

An open greenhouse with additional artificial lighting is a mini-garden in the kitchen that will delight its owner with fresh greens, even if winter is raging outside. This system looks like a bird feeder. Four trays with seedlings are placed on the bottom, which are covered with a canopy on top, while its height is adjusted to a maximum mark of 38 centimeters. Two lamps are attached under the canopy. Thus, the plants are provided with round-the-clock access to light. In Ukraine, the cost of a mini-greenhouse in our company is one of the lowest.

Cloning kit

For propagation of a favorite variety of flowers or garden crops, such a unique method as cloning was invented. Previously, it was only practiced in laboratories. However, thanks to the special kind of mini-greenhouse, cloning can now be done at home. To do this, you need to collect the cuttings of the plant, immerse them in peat discs soaked in water, close the lid and ensure that moisture and temperature conditions are maintained at a sufficient level. For successful cloning, you must carefully study the instructions attached to the cloning kit, and also get acquainted on the Internet with the reviews of experienced users of this method of breeding seedlings.

Heated mini greenhouses

In the spring, when there is a significant difference between night and day temperatures, a mini-greenhouse with heating is useful. This type of mini greenhouse is ideal for a balcony. It consists of several seedling boxes, tightly lidded and located on a common heated platform. The greenhouse lids have ventilation holes that can be opened and closed if necessary. When you need to accustom the seedlings to a cooler temperature, the heating can be turned off.

Greenhouses for summer cottages

The arched factory greenhouse is very easy to use. It doesn’t take up much space. Its frame is made of high quality aluminum and will last for more than one year. The set includes a greenhouse film and the necessary fasteners. Such a greenhouse is very easy to unfold, and it is ideal for growing cucumbers, radishes, herbs and seedlings.
Different models of mini greenhouses are equipped with:

  1. Heated.
  2. Backlit.
  3. Moisture generator.
  4. Vented holes.
  5. Cloning devices.

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