Save Space in the Bedroom

Save Space in the Bedroom

One of the most common problems of most families living in small apartments of multi-story buildings is the lack of free space in the bedroom when there is simply no way to place a large closet in the room for storing things and bedding.

Sometimes the saving of space in the bedroom is caused by the need for a single room and a sleeping place and work area at the same time.

It was for such situations that a bed with a lifting mechanism was invented, which makes it possible to rationally use the free space in the room and make the storage of things and bedding convenient, comfortable and invisible to prying eyes.

The main advantages of lifting beds include:

  • normal, full-fledged bed size, which allows you to stay on a couple’s bed and relax normally, taking a comfortable position;
  • a simple lifting mechanism that allows even a miniature woman to lift the bed box
  • the large size of the niches under the bed, thanks to which they can store large things, for example, large blankets, pillows, etc .;
  • convenient separation of the bedside cabinet into separate compartments, which allows you to use them as a cabinet for storing bedding, and as a chest of drawers;
  • a large selection of types and sizes of boxes selected depending on the size of the bedroom.

When purchasing a bed with a lifting mechanism, it is also important to consider not only the dimensions of the bed and the capacity of the niche under the bed but also the reliability of the mechanism itself and the ease of use. This moment is very important since it will be necessary to use it (lifting mechanism) daily, sometimes more than once. The type of lifting mechanism can be different, namely: with manual mechanical lifting, with spring lifting or with an installed system of gas shock absorbers.

The most budgetary, simple and reliable option for lifting the bed is manual. However, to raise such a bed will require some effort.

Beds equipped with a spring lifting mechanism belong to the class of reliable, simple and not very expensive. Raising them is easier than beds with a manual mechanism, but regular spring replacement is required.

But the most comfortable, modern and expensive type of beds are beds with a gas lift. This bed is very easy to lift, with little or no physical effort.

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