The Right Choice of Materials for the Construction and Decoration of the Bath 2

The Right Choice of Materials for the Construction and Decoration of the Bath 2

What Material to Build a Bath From How to Choose Wood for a Log House

The best material for a log house is softwood, since the resin contained in it increases its service life, increasing its resistance to moisture. Pine is mainly used, but you can use spruce, cedar and fir, whose characteristics are almost the same.

Suitable for logs and larch logs. This wood tends to become stronger in a humid environment. However, due to the high content of resin, this wood emits a very pungent odor, which is especially strongly felt during the heating of the bath. Therefore, larch is recommended to be used only in 1-2 crowns of the log house.

Sometimes a log house is made from aspen, as its wood contains antiseptic substances that protect it from decay. In a heated bath, these substances evaporate along with moisture and soak all the objects and things that are there and thereby undergo a kind of antiseptic treatment.

Having decided what kind of wood will be used to build the bath, it is also necessary to choose high-quality logs. If the log is not cracked yet, you need to consider its end, making a cut with a saw. There should not be any cyanotic spots. The core of the log should be approximately 3/4 of the diameter, its hue should be even and slightly darker in comparison with the outer part of the cut of the log. The wood must be solid over the entire surface of the cut. Its quality can be checked by lightly hitting the ax with an ax butt. If the ax bounces, making a ringing sound, then the wood is of good quality.

Determining the quality of already sanded logs is easier. The color of its surface should be from light to dark yellow.

If there are knots on a log, they should sit tight and without gaps. If there are gaps in the places of growth of branches, then the core of the log in this place is rotten and the trunk is defective.

For the first crown of the log house, the thickest logs are selected.

The inner walls of the log house must not be painted or varnished since under the influence of high temperature the paint coating will emit very strong toxins, which can cause poisoning, and combustible vapors, which are explosive at high concentrations.

When erecting internal partitions, all fire and sanitary requirements must be observed. Between the logs, as well as above the door and window frames, gaps should be left so that there is space for shrinkage of the walls. At the locations of fasteners, gaps of 15-20 mm are also left.

What Material Can a Bath Be Made Of Brick for Walls and a Stove

The construction of this structure has often used as a brick of different brands. In this case, the determining factor in choosing the best material for the construction of the bath is the place of brick production – the closer the brick is made, the cheaper it is.

For the construction of walls, you can use any brick, for the base (supports of a columnar foundation, etc.) – only ceramic, made of burnt clay. The same brick must be used when laying the furnace, and such a furnace will retain heat much longer than iron, due to thermal inertia.

To finish a brick bath inside, a material such as wood is usually used = this is both aesthetically pleasing and hygienic.

Building Materials for a Combined Bath

The frame of the combined bath is built of a durable wooden beam, the outer lining is made of wooden boards, plastic panels, lining or other inexpensive material, and the inner lining is preferable to wood.

A relevant and inexpensive option for a bath is a combination of a timber frame with trim from a trim board. This combination of materials for building a bath looks seamless and harmonious, and also allows you to quickly build a bath of any layout.

Sheathing the bath with such material as wooden boards will hide all the flaws in the layout and flaws in the construction of walls. Outside, the cladding of the building can be covered with high-quality expensive paint, varnish or emulsion, and the interior (except for the steam room) can be supplemented with “wood-like” wallpaper or use other, more modern and safe material in the bathhouse.

Before finishing, a vapor barrier is laid between the wooden exterior wall and the lining. In the washing room and steam room, the foil is usually used as a vapor barrier, and kraft paper is suitable for a relaxation room or dressing room. To protect the wooden structure of the bath from steam, it should be coated with a mixture of sawdust and clay.

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