What Doors to Put in the Country

What Doors to Put in the Country

Each owner of a country house sooner or later faces the need to carry out repairs in it. And one of its important points, sometimes causing some difficulties, is the choice of interior doors. What doors to put in the country, so that it was warm and comfortable to live there?

The thing is that cottages in comparison with residential cottages have a number of features that must be considered when choosing interior doors. Firstly, the seasonality of living in the country and the lack of a heating system. Secondly, the compact size of the premises. In addition, the very purpose of the country house, for obvious reasons, determines the desire of its owners to save on its decoration.

It is difficult to disagree with the fact that luxurious doors in a country house made of solid oak are completely useless, however, I don’t want to put completely frank trash there.

Therefore, you need to find a “middle ground” and try to equip your summer home cozy, comfortable and as functional as possible.

When choosing doors, it is important to remember the purpose of this element of decoration – they serve to distinguish functionally different rooms. But besides this, the doors must certainly prevent the spread of unpleasant odors in adjacent rooms and be an obstacle to intrusive insects.

As for the design of interior doors for summer cottages, in this case, the most ordinary swinging models are suitable, which can provide the densest and reliable closure of the premises.

The most important thing is that they are equipped with reliable fittings: hinges, latches and interior door handles, which you can buy both with doors and separately in the hardware store. The hinged door system is the cheapest and very functional, however, with a shortage of free space, it is quite possible to use sliding systems in the country.

A separate consideration requires the question of which particular material to give preference to. Particularly noteworthy are paneled interior doors. A distinctive feature of such doors is that glue is not used in their manufacture. This is a big plus for products that will be operated in an unheated house. Also, a good option would be plastic doors, which are completely unpretentious in maintenance and are not afraid of temperature changes. But such products do not fit into the atmosphere of the cottage, which, as a rule, is very close to nature and everything natural.

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